Shaw Academy vs Coursera vs Udemy

Shaw Academy vs Coursera vs Udemy

Looking to do a certification course online and trying to choose between these top online institutions? Our Shaw Academy vs Coursera vs Udemy post should help point you in the right direction.

Why an online Course?

The job marketing is changing rapidly, Artificial Intelligence and robot learning are going to take many of the current run of the mill jobs we tend to simply take for granted. Adding Skills and certifications will help you adapt and move smoother into the future. Certification classes online are also updated regularly which means you receive the freshest training available.

Ok so you’ve decided its time for a change! Now you just need to figure out whats the best move and where’s the best place to get trained!

Firstly, the below institutions are all offering excellent quality courses, so any of the three will no doubt be a good choice, but lets see what (if anything) separates the THREE


The grandad of the three online learning centers. Udemy has been offering the most amazing and niche courses online since 2009. That makes them ancient, and a trail blazer in online certification and courses.

Udemy has specialised courses not found on any other platform. These include work from home business start up ideas that you can study under R300, and training specialised for entrepreneurs or developers.

Our favourite Udemy work from home courses

Get this bonus from Udemy when you register your account. Its like 90% off the normal price, get more than one course for the price of one!

Udemy does offer amazing value for money. When you Register you get 48 hours to Purchase any course for R120, keep that in mind you can buy 3 – 5 courses for the price of one! See their offer below

48-Hour Flash Sale! Courses from just R120

Shaw Academy

Founded in 2013 by James Egan and Adrian Murphy. Shaw Academy offers a variety of courses from Website design and Development to Nutrition. The Courses are live and recorded. Student access a dedicated portal where they receive material, complete their assignments and access course content.

Shaw Academy advanced courses are internationally recognised. Based in Dublin Ireland but with locations around the world.

Some courses to review


Coursera boasts courses designed and delivered by the top teachers and instructors from the worlds best educational Institutions. Their courses are affordable and Specialized.

Founded in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors that wanted a skill and knowledge share site that could be accessed around the world. Over 35 million Learners and 2700 courses, you are sure to find (ALMOST) exactly what you looking for.

Through Coursera you can complete your degree online


Shaw Academy vs Coursera vs Udemy

Our opinion is you can’t go wrong with any of the three above mentioned Online learning Platforms, you just need to find the right course for you.

However, take advantage of Udemy’s offer and triple your knowledge for the price of 1!

48-Hour Flash Sale! Courses from just R120

It’s also a good idea to choose the platform that suits you

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