Make Money From Home 5 Opportunities Under R100

Make Money from Home

All of the Below listed Business Opportunities require NO website and can be started from home in your spare time!

Below we share the top 5 short Courses, from R100, that will take you step by step through getting started and have you up and running in an hour (if that’s how fast you want to go)!

If you have been looking for a way to make money from home or start your own business you are in the right space. We have been working these systems and similar systems since 2007 and making an income with no website.

Why is The review and grading such an awesome insight to have prior to STARTING a Business Opportunity?

Most ‘Make Money’ programs make unbelievable claims, most of these claims are unrealistic. They make their program sound like its the most revolutionary product and anyone who tries the system will make R1 million rand in the first year!

There’s a reason they DO NOT display customer reviews. If they did, nobody would buy their products!

Udemy is an extremely highly rated learning institution. They make no claims and provide no guarantees on what exactly a course will produce for you. Those that purchase the opportunity Rate their experience and with any rating over 4.5 out of 5 you are guaranteed to start with something that has been PROVEN to work!

We have picked the best opportunities and listed them below.

Number #1 Below is our personal favourite, this Opportunity we were able to start the same day we started. And we simply put 1 to 2 hours a day in and after 3 weeks we had a FULL ON business with our own brand, using none of our own Money!

Check it, and take advantage, your first Business Opportunity starts at R100 after you sign up, but don’t delay that incredibly low offer won’t last long!

These Business opportunities have been around for decades, and you have never heard of them until today, I have been working these Business opportunities since 2007!


Opportunity #1 Affiliate Marketing Beginner: Sell T-Shirts online with with no website, no stock, no money

Rating 4.6/5

Over 1000 ratings!

No Website Needed! 

This course is great, I know because I am making commissions from this course.

Make money in your spare time without a WEBSITE. I have always seen that as part of the pitch, start making money no website needed. Its obviously a major concern for most people, and obviously most people do not have their own website. So its always nice to add that as part of the sales bait. But this really does not require any form of website for you to make a profit!

I decided to try this course out because I have had an idea that there was a great market online for this business and the course is extremely affordable at R100 when you sign up! But it was actually the claim stated on the information page for the course that got me to hand over my Buffalo.

The course creator claims (see image below) that you can make $1000 (R15,000) per week working this Business.


And to be honest its not far off!

We have read Amazing stories about people picking up on this home business Opportunity, and within 2 to 3 weeks have started making money, GOOD MONEY, from home. Working less than 2 hours a day they were able to create their home business.

What I love about this Home Business Opportunity

  • No Joining Fee
  • No website needed
  • Less than 2 hours per day
  • Creative
  • Anyone can start from anywhere in the world
  • All you need is an internet connection
  • No previous experience
  • Create your own Brand with none of the expenses

If you are creative, brand conscious or simply have a BRAND that you need to introduce to the world YOU CAN get started today!

Click on the image below to get started for as little as R100 today


Opportunity #2 Affiliate Marketing Explained

Rating 4.8/5

Beginners Introduction to Affiliate Marketing. This course explains concepts and ideas around Affiliate Marketing to assist a beginner in understanding the business of Affiliate Marketing.

This course covers the basics, explains why Affiliate marketing is such a revolutionary business model, teaches you how to spot opportunities, build a niche market and earn your very first commission cheque. You will also learn how to recreate your successes to build a huge passive income.

This is a great place to start as you need zero experience and very little knowledge of Affiliate Marketing.

Start from as low as R100! CLICK HERE Affiliate Marketing Explained!

Opportunity #3 How to Start Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing Intro

Rating 4.5/5

Adding on to course number 1, How to Start Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing intro offers an extension on to what you covered. In addition to this you will now learn how to find your perfect Target market, find the right products to ffer them, build remarkleting lists and make your first commission.

This course is great for beginners. It will teach you how find a market, build the marketing channel for that market and then find 100’s if not 1000’s of items to sell your market each and every month.

Extremely clever in how they assist you in building your business.

They teach you how to build a cash pipline rather than have you chasing sales. Every week or month you will have the opportunity to sell to a dedicated market.

Get started from R100, Click here How to Start Affiliate Marketing STEP by STEP for Beginners!

Opportunity #4 ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Rating 4.4/5

After course 1 and/or course 2, its time to find additional products for your new niche. There are hundreds of Affiliate Market places online, but one of the longest lasting is clickbank!

This is where I started in Affiliate Marketing!

Clickbank may offer the largest market place for the broadest variety of digital products. You can find nearly anything there to remarket and profit from in next to no time!

Making Money without a website?

Crazy idea, but absolutely 100% true!

You wont need a product, no need to have a website, and yes, you can make a living here.

Click here to check out Clickbank

What you will learn with this Udemy Course?

  • Knowledge on selecting profitable ClickBank products to promote
  • The skills to increase your marketing performance
  • How to promote ClickBank products on Facebook with NO MONEY DOWN
  • How to create a profitable advertising campaign and make money with NO WEBSITE

This course is under R100! Click here to review and access the course

Click here to Get started from R100 Clickbank Success Without Even Having A Website

Opportunity #5 How to Create Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites From scratch

Rating 4.8/5

Imagine you were able to access and sell any product in the world with unlimited quantities. Better yet, on top of  having access to the worlds top brands in unlimited quantities you also do not have to purchase the inventory (great no need for capital) and don’t even need to pack it and ship it!

To good to be true Right?? Wrong! 100% wrong.

Learn how to make money from home by using the worlds largest online retailer. Never buy inventory and NEVER pack and ship a product EVER!

What you get!

Step by step guide through the proven system for making money from Amazon online. Step by step instructions on how to build and profit using and never actually making a sale yourself!

The author of this highly rated Amazon course makes the following statements

  • if you follow the step by step guide you can build a profitable bvusiness using Amazon’s Affiliate program to earn anywhere from $1000 – $ 2000 (rough R15,000 – R30,000)
  • Develop a complete Affiliate website
  • Earn within 3 months by following this guide exactly as stated

Get started Making money from R100, Click here How To Create Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites From Scratch



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