How to make Money with YouTube

How to make Money with YouTube

YouTube, the worlds second biggest search engine and number 1 Video distribution platform in the world also offers an opportunity to make Money from your own Channel.

Yes, it is 100% possible to make money creating and posting Video to your very own channel on the YouTube platform.

But how do you start? What do you need to do? And how long will it take to see some Money coming through from your hard work and Dedication?

Below I will explain how to start your Channel, what you need to do to qualify to Monetize your Channel, and a realistic return you should be able to make if you apply everything and stay dedicated!

Setting up your YouTube Channel

Before we jump over to setting up a Channel there are a few things I learned the hard way which I wish I knew before I got started with my Channel. These tips will save you time, effort and Huge frustrations.

To do before creating your Channel

1 – Have a PRECISE idea what you want your Channel to be about – This is incredibly important especially if making money from YouTube is the reason you decided to start a Channel. YouTube has a very specific algorithm! The Algorithm has loads of ranking points, but YouTube want to put your Channel into a specific category and then show your Channel to related searches!

2 – Video Frequency, audience retention and Length – The myth that you need to constantly be posting or updating your Channel to gain views and subscribers has been busted. Frequency of Video has little effect on your numbers. Audience retention has a far higher benefit than posting loads of videos. YouTube want users watching videos as long as possible and generally like Videos that are over 10minutes in length.

3 – Be consistent in your content – This works hand in hand with point number 1! Be consistent in creating highly specific content and working your Traffic to similar points that also retain and offer benefit

Now that we have game plan we can Launch the Channel

What you need to Start your YouTube Channel (If you don’t already have one)

Click here for the full list including Video Tutorials on Getting started

How and When do you start making Money

Unfortunately you don’t just setup a Channel and start making money. You first need to apply to the Partner program (click here to apply), YouTube will review your channel and then add you to the list. After you have been added to the Partner Program list you need to start showing YouTube that you are serious about making your channel popular.

YouTube List of Requirements to turn on Monetization!

  • Age; must be over 18 years
  • Subscribers; Need 1000 Subscribers over 18 years
  • Watch time; Channel needs over 4000 Hours of watch time

Meeting the requirements of the above list doesn’t guarantee you will be accepted into the Partner Program. YouTube will analyze your content, channel and Audience.

When YouTube are happy that you meet the Full list of requirements, YOU will be eligible to start making money from your content.

This is pretty cool and an achievement all on its own. But no guarantee that you will actually make a living from your channel.

Factors that affect your income on YouTube

  • Audience – If you target the right audience and YouTube shows them adverts that have a high Cost Per View to the advertiser you will make more Money (example; Insurance, Health care)
  • Offers – when you start and get monetized your first income stream will come from Google Adsense. This will provide you a return on the number of Ads shown during your video. This is the base income from YouTube, but not necessarily the best or highest producer. More money can be made with SuperChats, Affiliate Programs (See end of this article) and merchandise sales
  • Views – YouTube Adsense works on an impression ratio as opposed to a cost per click. You get paid an amount per 1000 views. In the image below you can seethe number of subscribers on the Channel (50mil), the Views of the Video (15mil), the length of the video (13.34) and the time the video has been available on YouTube (1 month)

If the Channel earned $1 for 1000 views, this Video alone would have generated $15,000 dollars in 30 days

make money with youtube

Obviously the example above is really top of the crop when it comes to a YouTube Channel. But the numbers are available to anyone that is dedicated and takes a Long term view of creating and cultivating a YouTube Channel.

There are additional ‘Off-YouTube’ ways to help generate more views etc on your Channel. Below is an unfair advantage for anyone starting out online chasing the dream of an online income.

Additional Ways to make money from your Channel

Merchandise sales – Lets say your channel becomes popular in a specific Niche and your subscribers start to feel an attachment to your brand. Here lies the opportunity to Merchandise your channel. T-shirts, Cups, Phone pouches, Posters and Hoodies.

Affiliate Sales – Huge Money is made daily from Affiliate programs promoted via YouTube Videos. If you can find products or services in your Niche that people watching your videos would potentially buy, you can start to generate commission from YouTube without first being monetized or accepted into the partner program.

Making Money from Other peoples products

As an example, AMAZON.COM offers you commissions to promote ANY product listed on their site. Say your YouTube Channel is about Country Music and you produce a Video about a specific country music star. You can share a Link on your Channel or in the Video to an autobiography about the artist or their latest album. If Amazon receive a sale on the Book or Album you get paid for that sale generated from your YouTube Channel.

Amazing, and also incredibly easy to learn.

Below I explain exactly How to learn to make money this way for FREE by getting your Online Entrepreneurs certification.

Online Entrepreneurs Certification

A FREE course available right here that takes you step by step from start to finish through the entire process of developing your Online Marketing skills and starting a profitable business from home. Click here to go straight to the Online Entrepreneurs Certification course.

How will this course add value to your YouTube goals

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that provides you with a community, a set out Online Entrepreneurs Certification course, variety of classrooms and Tools that generate traffic.

Below I will provide a very brief overview of why this is a must if you are looking for an online income and how to start and complete your Certification FREE

Wealthy Affiliate is the WORLD leader in Online sales training and online entrepreneur success. They have helped over 1.5 million people start an Online business in their spare time and earn profits from their actions.

The training provided is unmatched and constantly updated. (see images from the platform below)

Starting at the beginning the Online Entrepreneurs certification provides 50 practical lessons that help you setup your business while learning Online marketing. At the end of the Online entrepreneurs certification course you will have setup and created your very own website/s that are 100% setup to generate traffic that converts to sales. And loads of proven ways to generate traffic, exactly what you need to start making money on YouTube.

Click here to visit the site now

make money with youtube

Besides your Online Entrepreneurs Certification

You also have access to a variety of ‘Classrooms’ based on specific topics that are constantly updated to the latest techniques.

There are also LIVE TRAINING Events that occur Daily or weekly

Click here to go to Wealthy Affiliate

make money with youtube

Live Events

BUT The Real Value of this platform is listed below

Community! The Wealthy Affiliate Community is worth its weight in gold and the biggest push you can give your YouTube channel when you are starting out.

Most people don’t understand that ‘peer approval’ and interactions are heavy weighting factors where Google are concerned. Having access to a community that is all on the same track takes years and years to develop.

Having a community available to give weight to your videos, blog posts and social media immediately is the unfair advantage in Online Marketing.

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make money with youtube

Get started

My advice is to get started today. Building a YouTube Channel that makes you money takes time and constant effort, trust me this is NOT AN EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY. You need dedication, time and a community.

Combining this with your Online Entrepreneurs certification will speed up the process immensely and help you find ALL possible ways of generating income from your YouTube channel and Websites.

I am will be available to you for personalized coaching and guidance when you join me on the platform. I will be available to you for any questions you have for setting up your YouTube Channel and making an online income.

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