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We Review Fiverr for South Africa here

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If you are starting a business or looking for services for your existing business, you have come to the right place!

Fiverr is (most probably) the biggest Market place to outsource work in the world. Fiverr offers more to the Business owner, entrepreneur and part time Money maker than any website of it’s kind. But can South Africans benefit from making use of readily available service providers?

If Funds are limited but services needed you can bet on Fiver as the source of professional services, at varying rates.

On the Fiverr marketplace you can find nearly anything you would need to get your small business off the ground. From Websites to Video Adverts for Social Media Fiverr has it all on offer to Entrepreneurs.

Let’s Learn more about Fiver below

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We Review Fiverr for Small Businesses in South Africa below.

What is Fiverr

A Freelancers dream! Fiverr is a platform where Freelancers are able to Showcase their Skills and Charge a Fee to Business owners and Entrepreneurs in exchange for their services.

As an Entrepreneur or Small Business owner when starting you may lack the financial resources to hire a graphic designer, Pay Per Click Marketing Professional or Video Editor. Reaching out to Marketing Agencies will also quickly eat, no hold that thought DEVOUR your Budget!

Fiverr Offers you access to these services and the ability to manage ALL THE COSTS involved in outsourcing specialised services.

We use Fiverr almost Every day, From Cartoon Images to Real Estate Agent Promotional Videos

What can you expect

Expect to Find what you are looking for. But, choosing the right Service Provider to work with is more important than taking the cheapest option!

When you are looking for services on Fiver it’s a good idea to start building lists of the services you are looking for. As an example, if you are looking for an Excel pro to help build price lists start your search

What type of services can you source?

How affordable is it to use Fiverr for us in South Africa

If you are starting out on a Budget then this is for you. Developing a project is easy, manageable and AFFORDABLE.

Because there is a constant need for high ratings service providers are always giving more for less to ensure the constant flow of work.

How to Register on Fiverr

Registration is FREE and easy. Simply Click here

Fill in your details and click the registration link they send you via email. All sorted!

How to Find  a Reliable Service provider

The Really great thing about Fiverr for small business owners and Entrepreneurs is the community and review system. Before Hiring a Service provider you can Review their work, See their customer reviews and ratings, Read the Comments of other Buyers and Ask the Service Provider questions.

You are also able to build Folders of your favourite Gigs. While you browse through service providers, review their ratings and prices you can build lists which will allow you to go back at a later stage and decide who is best for your project.

The Platform is great as it acts as a third party when an issue arrises! Yes issues can come up and even we have had some issues in the past trying out new service providers. Getting assistance with resolving issues is quick and painless!

Is Fiverr a Scam?

Short Answer, NO! But you already knew that before you reached this point in the article.

As we said earlier we have been using Fiverr for years and in those years we have had 1 minor issue, but, that issue was resolved with no fuss!

If you are starting a small business, Building a Personal Brand or looking to increase your side income from your side hustle, Look to this Freelancer platform for a Huge boost!

Advantages of Fiverr for South African Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs in South Africa are bombarded with problems and handicapping rules from the minute we decide to step out and DO IT OURSELVES! And a major issue is hiring and affording to be able to cover salaries.

Fiverr removes this road Block by connecting you without limitations to the services you need to Smash it out the park!

Low costs

Due to the high amount off sellers on Fiverr you can access services from highly skilled experts at next to nothing. We recently requested quotes for a project from various services providers and compared the rate provided with the same services from professionals on the fiver platform and the result was a 90% saving!

Skilled Service Providers

There are highly skilled service providers offering their trade at low costs.

When some new service providers join they need to get referrals and ratings before they can really build a steady flow of business.

We have picked deals from new Sellers at unbelievable rates, and because we supported the seller from early on they still offer us the same Flat rates.

Customer reviews

Ratings and Reviews push the Sellers sales up! Having a high rating of 4.5 and up with a high amount of reviews is the sign of a serious seller that is offering value to Buyers.

This is a great way of finding assistance fast. If you are new to Buying services online then I suggest you start with Sellers that have high ratings. You are guaranteed to get what you paid for!


There is no better place to start finding services for your business than Fiverr!

If you have a Small budget (or even a big budget) you can now offer your Customers more, BOOST your Business through new marketing channels or Stream line daily tasks.

No need to hire a new employee or that over priced ‘Consultant’ that simply goes straight here anyway!

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